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September 20, 2000 | Volume 1, Issue 8

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Hospitalists Spearhead Growing Trend

Are inspiration for giftshopists, cafeterialists, informationdeskists, others

JACKSONVILLE, FLA—Inspired by the ability of hospital-based physicians to coin any old made-up word to describe what they do, other hospital employees have begun doing the same in medical centers here in Jacksonville and across the nation.

Marilee Henson, Giftshopist

Giftshopist Marilee Henson reflects just one of a growing number of workers in healthcare environments who, in order to give their positions an air of respectability they feel might not otherwise be afforded them, have added "-ist" to the end of their job titles, in an effort to capture the success of the hospitalist movement.

"I would say that people do treat me differently now," said Henson in her lobby-area gift shop. "It's like they finally realize I'm not just another gift-shop employee - I'm a HOSPITAL gift-shop employee."

Cafeterialists, volunteerists, informationdeskists, candystriperists, and maintenancedepartmentalists have voiced similar positive results following their job title changes.

"It's great. I never really liked being called the custodian or janitor, so this is something totally desirable for someone in my line of work," said environmentalandplantservicist Jerry Baker.

Hospital-based nurses nationwide are scheduled to be known as "nursingstationalists" starting mid December.

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