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August 1, 2001 | Volume 2, Issue 7

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Steady Rise In Organ Donation Expected

CLEVELAND, OH--Bob Tomzcik and Rudy Stosnosky of Polka Trends America are predicting a healthy rise in organ and accordion donations this year.

Bob Tomczik

It's a tradition that accomplished polka stars eventually give up their instruments to allow younger musicians the opportunity to play with professional quality equipment, and the duo looks forward to passing on the treasured tools of their trade.

"Sure, I'm sad to give up my organ. I mean, look at how big it is," says the 63-year old Tomczik, looking over his beer belly at the button accordion given to him by Peter Stojanovich of Peter Polka & the Dots, in 1955.

From behind well-worn wire-rimmed glasses, Stosnosky nods and smiles. "That's how the Stosnosky Polka Express began," he adds. And with a gleam in his eye, he hoists Tomczik's organ as it swells to full capacity, ready to blow sweet polka melodies for another evening's enjoyment.

Young performers and other polka professionals are encouraged to contact their nearest Polka Society in order to obtain an Organ Donation card, and to carry it with them at all times.

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