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August 23, 2000 | Volume 1, Issue 6

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Time, Paper Wasted By Useless Article

Reading of story results in squandering of precious limited resources

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—According to cardiologist Dr. Alan Richardson, the lead story in the March 2000 issue of Internal Medicine World Report, titled Stroke Risk Linked To Past Blood Pressure, Study Finds, and subtitled "Valvular heart disease, inflammation also factors," resulted in the irreversible wasting of several minutes of Richardson's life, along with any paper that was used to print and distribute the article.

According to Richardson, pointless assertions made by the article included:

1. A history of uncontrolled hypertension confers a greater risk of stroke than does a recent onset of hypertension

2. Preventing stroke in older persons will likely require control of blood pressure at all ages

3. Valvular heart disease is a risk factor for stroke

"Like, DUH!!" said Richardson Wednesday.

The article, which began on page one, was continued on page 33, where readers were subsequently referred to a "related article" on page 36 entitled Family History Is Important Determinant Of Stroke Risk.

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