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October 4, 2000 | Volume 1, Issue 9

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Telling It To You

Notes from the Editors
Dear Reader,

Why? Why is the motion of the planets in a counterclockwise trajectory around the sun?

Why? Why does the word "salmon" rearrange to become "lamnos," which isn't even a word?

Why? Why can't a pulse of electricity be enough energy to power a medium-sized city for a year?

Why? Why curse the gods above when gods among men walk freely and without fetters?

Why? Why speak French or German when no living Australian can speak Swahili, or Cherokee Indian?

Why? Why ram a cardboard pole through the lens of a gas-powered lantern when sufficient petroleum exists to feed a cow?

Why? Why does man stroke the steel wool fur of the industrial hedgehog when political mayhem roams the dimly lit streets of Istanbul?

We ask. We ask.

Of you, dear reader -

We ask.


The Editors

M. Furfur, MD Editor-In-Chief
B. Cereus, MD, PhD, Editor-At-Large

And remember: "QUALITY without the Q ain't nothin' but UALITY"

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