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June 28, 2000 | Volume 1, Issue 2

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Our expert panel tackles today's most pressing questions.

This week's question:

Opinion polls suggest that physicians command less respect from the general public now than they once did. What's going on?

J. S. Bach


"Fur Elise came to me in a dream. It went like this: Danananana Dananana."

Union Jack

Black Flag

"I get me bloody Percodan from the 'Net now, Mick!"

Karl Newman


"Don't go into Medicine for the money. That'll leave more for those of us who did."

Macauly Culkin

Home Alone

"I don't take advice from strangers wearing fedoras anymore."

Rhesus Peasus

Scut Monkey


Translation: "Just be happy you still got a job, doctor-boy. Now keep moppin'."

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