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June 27, 2001 | Volume 2, Issue 6

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Top Ten Reasons For Conversations With Drug Reps

As determined by your votes
10. Need foam model of thyroid to complete collection
9. Always wanted to learn about congestive heart failure from non-medical personnel
8. Green jelly beans that say "ZYVOX": 'nuff said
7. Heart-wrenching display of brown-nosing offers unique insight into pathos of human condition
6. Got previous drug rep from company pregnant; curious as to how kid's doing
5. Free textbooks a virtual gold mine on eBay
4. Drug rep misunderstanding of scientific data, misuse of medical terminology sure to boost physician self-confidence
3. Rep from Astra-Zeneca able to obtain marijuana for 'compassionate' usage
2. Mood starting to destabilize; more Zoloft samples urgently needed
1. Two words: Nice boobs

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