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April 23, 2003 | Volume 4, Issue 1

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Jane Says!

Jane Cho

In this space, we typically present a challenging clinical conundrum to test readers' problem-solving skills and illustrate bread-and-butter medical principles.

This month, however, we're pleased to introduce Jane Cho, a first-year medical student we've invited to share some insights and perceptions about medical school. Let's give Jane a warm Q Fever! welcome!.

What is it about people these days that makes them so rude? The other day, I was in lecture, minding my own business, when a crumpled piece of paper landed on my lap. Obviously, someone had thrown it, and I heard all this snickering going on behind me. Yeah, just because I sit in the front row - that makes me an easy target? Whatever.

So I unfolded the paper and you know what it said? "Quit with the penclicking." Penclicking? Oh, my multicolor pen? I mean, I use different colors in my notes, so what am I supposed to do, carry around eight different pens?

Things like that really aggravate me. Personally, I think it's all about jealousy. People see a smart woman who happens to be attractive, and they get all insecure. They don't seem to want to see it from my perspective ... how would they like it, if they had half the guys in the class flirting with them all the time? It gets annoying, really.

The other day, this guy Cody Pierce came up to me and was like, "Jane, what's your problem?" I was like, "Excuse me?" And he's all, "No one likes it when you ask questions at the end of class, because they're dumb questions, and they keep everyone from getting out on time."

OK. Hello! It's so obvious this dude has a crush on me. Cody's kind of cute though, so I didn't mind. I'd date him, even. Maybe I'll try to catch him at lunch one of these days. "Jane and Cody." I like the sound of that!

Of course, the other girls in the class don't like me ... I wouldn't either, with me as competition. I'm talking about for grades and for men! Hey ladies, don't worry so much - your boyfriends are safe. I'm keeping my hands to myself! In public anyway ... what I do in the privacy of my own room is my own business!

Well, it's been fun talking with you. I've got some work to do, so I'll see you next time! P.S. if you know a cute guy, preferably tall and not Asian, send him my way!

Jane Cho is a first-year medical student. The views expressed in this article do not necessarily represent those of Q Fever!, its editors, or its writers.

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