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June 28, 2000 | Volume 1, Issue 2

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Doctors In Training To No Longer Be On Call

Now required to be "In Da House"

ST. LOUIS, MO—In a stunning announcement made today by the Intern's and Resident's On Call (IROC) organization, interns and residents at US teaching hospitals will no longer be required to be On Call beginning July 2000.

Residents get busy

Dr. Mark Paulskey, IROC Vice-President, declared yesterday that, "given the changing medical environment and the diversity of current medical students and young physicians, it is no longer acceptable for housestaff to be On Call. They will, from now on, be required to be In Da House.

When asked to elaborate on the difference between On Call and In Da House, Paulskey dropped a set of heavy-hittin' old-school hip-hop power bass & beats, stating "The issue is one of prioritization: On Call places emphasis on providing excellent patient care when needed; In Da House implies bein' in da call room with yo' funky self."

Paulskey concluded by offering "shout-outs to my peeps on Whitney 5, and all y'all homiez back in the struggle."

Next on the house-officers' list of demands is believed to involve having cumbersome white coats replaced with trendy, oversized black LA Raiders parkas.

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