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:: Q Fever! - MEDICAL HUMOR, medical satire, medical news, healthcare humor, doctor humor, nursing humor, medical parody, parodies ::

Q Fever! Medical Humor & Satire

October 5, 2005 | Volume 5, Issue 2

E Pluribus Jejunum
  • Top Stories

  • Medical Student Corner

  • Facial Droop

  • Sometimes, your clinical skills just need a little seasoning.

  • Internship & Residency

  • The Thinker

  • What’s The 411?

  • Sometimes, it's the calls you don't make that end up costing the most.

  • Q! Tips!

  • Avoiding Colds

  • The first of our new Q!-Tips series on staying healthy

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Q!'s Flashes

  • Ponytail Erroneously Identifies Attending As “Cool”

  • General Hospice Rated TV’s Most Depressing Show

  • Sickle-selling Armenians living longer, healthier

  • New “Train Wreck” Coding Guidelines Released

  • Chronic Vegetarian State: Reversible?

  • 1910 Honus Wagner Guaiac Card now worth over $1 million

  • Goomba Analysis: That Was Supposed To Go On The Guaiac Card